11 Ways to Completely Revamp Your Bathroom

Bathroom renovations and remodels are such brilliant ways of giving your home a real boost. If you’re thinking about a new bathroom installation, then here are 11 different ways you can completely revamp this room:

Implement mood lighting

There are loads of themes and ideas you can follow, but one simple thought is to implement mood lighting. Get lights installed that you can easily dim, and make sure you get some put around the bathroom mirror as well.

Install underfloor heating

This is such a simple idea, but it packs a very potent punch. If you’re wondering what to do with your new bathroom installation, then think about installing underfloor heating. This means your bathroom tiles will be nice and toasty, and you save space by not needing an ugly radiator!

Switch up the flooring

Speaking of the bathroom floor, why don’t you switch things up and install a different type of flooring? If you’ve had tiles for ages, then maybe change to a vinyl floor?

Use rugs wisely

Another effortless way you can revamp your bathroom and change the way it looks is by getting some bathroom rugs. Make sure you use these wisely – don’t go overboard and put rugs everywhere!

Get a new sink

In most homes, the sink area will be the first thing to get grimy and old in a bathroom. There could be rust and mould everywhere, and the best thing to do is to replace the whole thing. As part of your bathroom installation, you can get a brand new sink fitted with new taps and everything. It will transform your bathroom!

Install a wet room

A wet room is basically a large walk-in shower with plenty of room inside. Installing one of these in your bathroom can totally revamp it and make it more modern and stylish. Plus, it can make the room feel much bigger as well.

Change the wall tiles

Wall tiles are guilty of attracting mould very quickly. As a result, you end up with a filthy looking bathroom. So, why not revamp yours by changing the tiles to something better? These days, you can get grout-free ones that will never ever be burdened by mould.

Upgrade your mirror

Mirrors are an essential part of the bathroom, so they can’t be neglected. Upgrade yours by either getting something bigger or merely framing your existing mirror. This seems like such a tiny change, but it will genuinely revamp your bathroom.

Include a statement piece

During your new bathroom installation, you should think about putting a statement piece in there. This could be a large new bathtub, a fancy sink, or even a chandelier light – the choice is yours, but the aim is to have something that’s the centre of everyone’s attention.

Decide on a new colour theme

Change the colour of your bathroom if you really want to improve how it looks and feels. Consider something like monochrome, bright colours, or anything that suits your home best.

Now, you should have plenty of bathroom installation ideas that will totally revamp the place. Give any of them a try if you want to take an old bathroom to new heights!

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