20 Myths About Kitchen Renovation: Busted

If you’re thinking about a kitchen renovation, then you’ve probably stumbled across many myths that are completely untrue! As a consequence, we’ve created this blog post to look at the twenty most common kitchen renovation myths, and we’ve busted them wide open.

#1 Kitchen renovations don’t add value to your home

This is a huge myth! Kitchen renovations are proven to add value to your home, meaning you can sell it for more.

#2 Kitchen renovations are too expensive

Again, a big lie! We provide endless kitchen renovation ideas that are tailored to suit any budget.

#3 You should try and find cheap products

Not a great idea, it’s better to buy things that are proven to work and last!

#4 You can renovate a kitchen by yourself

Technically yes, but only if you’re an experienced kitchen fitter with plenty of time on your hands! For most people, it’s highly recommended you let the experts take over – like us.

#5 You should let the pros decide everything

While we think we’ve got an excellent eye for interior design, it’s so much better if you have the final say and choose whatever suits your kitchen the most.

#6 You need to renovate your kitchen based on style alone

Don’t do this, you should take practicality into account equally!

#7 Eco-friendly kitchens cost more

Yes, it can cost more to buy eco-friendly products for your kitchen. However, they save you lots of money over the years, so the cost balances itself out.

#8 Always follow the trends

Avoid following trends and follow your heart! Things go in and out of fashion, so pick what you like best.

#9 Everything must go

Don’t feel like you need to completely get rid of everything in your kitchen, some things may be suitable to stay!

#10 Kitchen renovations take years to complete

If you choose the right people, then you can have a new kitchen in a matter of months.

#11 You can hide problems with paint

If there are issues such as cracks in your walls or mould, then you should get them fixed instead of painting over them.

#12 There’s no point in a kitchen renovation

Kitchen renovations can seriously improve your home; as mentioned earlier, they add value to the re-sale price, but they also provide you with something more practical and can make life a lot easier – especially when cooking!

#13 It will be very intrusive and wreck your home

When done correctly by the pros, a kitchen renovation won’t be invasive and will leave your home spotless.

#14 You have to hire an interior design

Nope! At WeFix, we don’t just fit brand new kitchens, but we also have our own kitchen designers to help you create your dream kitchen and build on your ideas. So, there’s no need to hire an interior designer as well.

#15 You must get planning permission

Planning permission is only required if part of your renovation includes extending your home.

#16 You must get a modern kitchen

The renovation is in your hands, which means if you want to turn back time and transform your kitchen into something more rustic, then you can!

#17 Bigger kitchens are the best

Not always, in fact, a smaller kitchen can sometimes be more practical for you, so bear that in mind.

#18 Kitchen renovations should take place before you move in

Some argue that this makes sense as you avoid having workers coming in and out of your home, and you can move in to a fully-functional kitchen. However, it’s sometimes better to wait until you’ve had time in your kitchen so you can assess what might need replacing and what’s actually worth improving.

#19 Granite countertops are the best option

Some say this is true, but there are many pros and cons to other materials as well – do your research before making a decision!

#20 Don’t waste money on fancy features

Funnily enough, some fancy features – like cabinet organisers – can actually be very cost-effective and practical, so don’t rule them out.

Hopefully, seeing these myths will help you when you decide to go ahead with your kitchen renovation! If you need a professional kitchen fitter to help get the job done, then give us a call today.