Donations and Sponsorships

Donations and Sponsorships


WeFIX Donates

WeFIX have been supporting The Honeypot Children’s Charity since our first day of trading. We donate a portion of our annual profits to this charity which goes towards supporting young carers, and providing opportunities such as fun days and summer camps. For more information on this charity’s excellent work, visit:

Austin Sharp
Managing director

WeFIX Sponsors:

Austin Sharp, studied Plumbing Level 2 at RuTC from 2003 to 2004 and now runs his own business, WeFIX, in Teddington.

After finishing his course, Austin completed a gas training course, was fully qualified by the age of 20 and started to work for a local company for eight years. This offered him professional one on one training, which enabled him to become a senior engineer for a bigger company for two years. Having gained all these experiences and knowledge, Austin then started his own company, WeFIX, and with the purchase of the second van his business grew quickly.

Austin remembers the hands on practical projects the most, as they prepared him for the professional work environment. However, he also highlights the industry knowledge and confidence he got from his teachers. Both for his personal life as well as his business he learnt that in order to achieve the best your well being is key.

Austin got in touch with RuTC again when his company was searching for a business administration apprentice, and from then on he visited frequently to talk to Plumbing, Business and Design students and to run workshops with Plumbing students.

Austin says:
“When I was a student I remember employers talking to us; it always filled me with a sense of confidence that, if I put in the work, I can achieve what they have too. Standing in front of the students now and looking at their faces I feel hopeful that each and every one of them will gain the knowledge and confidence to be successful in their own way.”

Austin’s company WeFIX supports RuTC by offering work experience placements and will be sponsoring the COLLEGE’S “PLUMBER OF THE YEAR” AWARD AT THE END OF THE ACADEMIC YEAR.

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