How to Look After Your Home’s Plumbing?

For most of our customers, plumbing, water, and gas systems aren’t something they tend to give much thought to. These are simply parts of wherever they live, and if there are any problems then they call us to fix them. While we are happy to help our clients, we would also first advise them to take appropriate preventative measures to ensure that their plumbing remains in good working order. These are some basic ways to look after your home’s plumbing:

  • Only flush human waste and toilet paper down your toilet. Some toilets’ piping systems are surprisingly delicate, and can become blocked with relative ease. Quite simply, they are not designed to process leftover food, wet-wipes, or sanitary products. Inappropriately disposing of these products in toilets tends either cause blockages in your home, or damage local neighbourhood sewage systems
  • Use a strainer in your kitchen sink. This will catch debris and waste from tasks such as washing-up, and allow you to appropriately dispose of them in a bin. Kitchen sink pipes can easily become blocked by lumps of food waste that accumulate in them. This may cause foul smells and prevent proper drainage. Prevention is always better than cure with this
  • Avoid using harsh chemical products. Although these may be effective at clearing blockages, they can often degrade and eat away at piping and plumbing systems. This has a tendency to require expensive repairs further down the line, whereas calling out a plumber in the first instance would likely have been a better solution
  • Invest in a set of elbow-length rubber gloves! A surprising number of plumbing problems can be sorted without professional help, but squeamishness prevents action from being taken against them. Gloves should help give you the confidence to undertake tasks such as unblocking sinks rather than allowing waste to enter piping.