Plumbing Trends for your home this 2019

Plumbing might seem dull and boring to you as a homeowner, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. There are so many new and interesting things that are being made possible by new plumbing trends, and you won’t want to ignore them if you want your bathroom to look and function to the highest standards possible.

To help you find out more, here are some of the most exciting plumbing trends for your home in 2019.

New Toilet Tech

The dual flush technology that has been around for a while is improving massively at the moment. And this is significant because the development of these improvements coincides with a drive towards water conservation that many people are focused on right now.

It means that people have the choice between a large flush, which uses more water, and a low volume flush, which uses a lot less. It means less water is wasted in the home each day and people can save money on their water bills throughout the year as well.

Hands-Free Faucets

You’ve probably used hands-free faucets before because they’re increasingly used in public restrooms as they reduce the spread of germs and make these spaces generally more hygienic. But they’re now becoming available in the home as well, bringing those same benefits to your bathroom.

These motor-activated faucets turn on and off when your hand gets close to the sensor, making them great bathroom or kitchen faucets for anyone worried about spreading germs and bacteria in the home. They come in a wide range of attractive options as well.

Wet Rooms

One of the big bathroom trends to emerge in recent years is a greater level of minimalism. People want to keep things simple and avoid design elements that make the bathroom feel overwhelmed. That’s where wet rooms come in; they offer minimalism and employ new plumbing trends.

They make use of things like tiered drainage systems, clever tiling strategies and steps to ensure the corner of the bathroom that acts as the wet room drains the water away. And all this means that there is no need for a frame or walls for the shower space at all.

Shower Sound Systems

Showers are evolving in other ways as well, with it now being possible to have LCD screens fixed to shower walls. These can then be used to play music safely while you’re in the shower through waterproof speakers. It’s never been easier to sing along to your favourite song while you shower.

These screens can do other things as well, such as allowing you to control the shower itself. You can adjust the temperature to your liking, change the water pressure or add more steam in some instances.

Plumbing might not sound like the most exciting aspect of your home, but innovations are happening right now and they’re changing homes for the better. If you’re thinking of making changes to your bathroom anytime soon, these are the kinds of ideas you should be looking to implement.