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    WeFIX Powerflushing Services


    These are all signs of rust and sludge build up in your system – and powerflushing is the answer.
    WeFIX has a team of dedicated boiler breakdown engineers who are regularly attending properties to fix boiler faults as a result of the system not being powerflushed and treated.

    WeFIX took its last 10 breakdown call outs and found a staggering 7 / 10 were as a direct result of the system not being powerflushed.

    The list goes on, these 3 examples and many others could have been prevented, saved the customer money, time and hassle and damage to their property had the system been powerflushed.

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    Below are 3 examples:

    Call out to inspect no heating or hot water

    Engineers Report –
    Traced fault to seized pump motor caused by rust in the system, system water black. Drained system and replaced pump recommend system is powerflushed.

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    Call out to boiler making loud banging noises inspect radiators not getting hot

    Engineers Report –
    Traced fault to rust and sludge in the system causing the boiler to overheat, carried out temp repair by draining the system cold flushing and balancing radiators, some not all now getting hot. Recommend system is powerflushed.

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    Call out to inspect water leaking through ceiling

    Engineers Report –
    Traced leak to pin hole in radiator wall lining caused by heavy system corrosion. Isolated radiator and drained leak now stopped. Quote for new radiator to follow, recommend the system is powerflushed.

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    WeFIX use the ‘Norstrom Proflush Magmaster’ powerflushing machine which has integrated industrial sized magnets which draw out the rust from the system as the system is being flushed.

    We use ‘Norstrum’ specially designed powdered chemicals which help to break-up the rust and sludge to help assure the system is cleaned out thoroughly and on completion we inject a chemical called inhibitor which protects the system long term.

    If a boiler and central heating system is powerflushed correctly it will only need to be powerflushed ‘ONCE IN A BOILERS LIFETIME’ do not be fooled with advice it needs to be carried out once a year, if this is the case it has not been done correctly!

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