What Are The Benefits Of Getting A Powerflush?

Powerflushes are one of the most common plumbing procedures our tradespeople carry out. While powerflushes may initially seem significant or even intimidating, this is not the case. They are in fact a very routine and usually straightforward procedure that should be no cause for concern. We are very experienced in powerflushing and will be able to resolve this for you in no time at all.

Over time, central heating systems and components often become clogged and obstructed by various forms of dirty, debris, and rust. As central heating systems require the ability to have clear circulation, blockages and obstructions can often undermine their efficacy. Signs of blockages and obstructions may include leaking pipes, foul-smelling water being released from radiators during bleedings, noisy boilers, radiator cold spots, and ultimately boiler failure. If these signs are observed, then your central heating system would likely benefit from a professional powerflush.

Powerflushing is the fastest and most effective way to unblock a heating system. It entails connecting a special pump to your heating system, then flushing a specially formulated chemical blend through your pipes. This has the effect of removing rust, destroying limescale, and safeguarding against internal rusting. Once this has been achieved, clean water will be pumped through the piping to ensure that contaminated liquid is properly removed.

Powerflushing rarely takes longer than a day in most properties, but duration is usually dependent on how big they are and the size of their central heating system. As a general rule, the smaller the property, the faster the powerflushing. Powerflushing should only ever be conducted by a properly qualified engineer. It entails using potentially dangerous chemicals, may cause lasting damage to your central heating if you make a mistake, as well as potentially invalidating any manufacturer’s warrantee.

There are multiple benefits to powerflushing your central heating. The most obvious is that efficiency will improve, allowing your property to be heated more effectively and at lower cost. Powerflushing is also an important part of central heating maintenance and can play an important role in prolonging your heating system’s lifespan. Powerflushing at regular intervals (we recommend once every five years) is one of the best and most effective ways of maintain a central heating system. By preventing problems from accumulating and increasing over time, leads to long-term savings as it is less likely that your whole system will need to be replaced.